20 Best Research Mastery Research Notes in UK 2024 Reviews and Buying Guide

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Q: What does research mastery do?

A: Research Mastery is forbidden knowledge (minor). It also increases the chance of recovering a research point to 50%, and gives a 10% chance that placing a point will cost nothing. It requires Research Expertise. (Note that you do not gain warp by combining aspects.)

Q: Is research mastery necessary in this game?

A: Some of these topics, such as Research Mastery, are required (if not, fairly necessary) in order to proceed with the game. Fortunately, small amounts of warp are not very dangerous, despite the unnerving effects you will experience.

Q: Do I need research mastery to use research duplication?

A: If you have, and wish to use, the Research Duplication ability, you must do that before you activate the note for yourself. There are a few key research topics which affect the research process itself, and appear at the beginning of the game. Nearly all players will need at least Research Mastery, despite the warp.

Q: Is it possible to solve research notes in the current minigame?

A: The current minigame, introduced in version 4.1, requires a fair bit of knowledge about the aspect system. Note that while some pages here show examples for solving the research notes, these are only suggestions, and it’s always possible to solve notes in a different way.