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Q: What does Mista see in his seat as he stands up?

A: However, Mista suddenly sees a round stone in his seat as he stands up. Mista touches the stone, only to hear someone pleading to be killed. Although Mista is worried, everybody only sees an ordinary stone and urge him to hurry to the parking lot so that Fugo and Bucciarati can drop him off at Scolippi address.

Q: How did Mista hide from the traitors?

A: Thus Mista, alongside his team, hides in the countryside until the Boss deals with the traitors. However, their hideout is compromised after Formaggio from La Squadra Esecuzioni finds Narancia and battles him; although Formaggio is killed, Narancia’s onslaught is bound to attract the attention of the traitors.

Q: How did Mista kill the three men?

A: Amongst the gunfire, Mista wrested a gun from one of the thug’s hands, slowly picked up the bullets, and reloaded it. Then he shot all three of the men in the face with perfect accuracy using four shots, and with the calm of a seasoned gunman. Mista was captured by the police and given a sentence of fifteen to thirty years in prison.

Q: What happened to Mista in Sex Pistols?

A: However, Sex Pistols is caught by the enemy Stand and Mista is severely injured. Half-dead and with Giorno’s Stand being powerless once both of his hands are severed, Mista remains knocked out for the remainder of the fight.