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Q: Do you expect the Spanish Inquisition?

A: “Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition” is a memorable quote from the sketch comedy television show Monty Python ‘s Flying Circus uttered in reference to a Catholic tribunal established by the Spanish monarchy in 1481 to ensure Christian orthodoxy. [2]

Q: What were the reasons for the Spanish Inquisition?

A: The main political reason for the Spanish Inquisition was that there was a threat to the monarchy.The Christians of Spain, who at the time were the majority, were outraged at the Jews for many reasons, some which refer back to the religious reasons.

Q: What are some interesting facts about the Spanish Inquisition?

A: Spanish Inquisition Key Facts. The Spanish Inquisition was a judicial institution that lasted between 1478 and 1834. Its ostensible purpose was to combat heresy in Spain, but, in practice, it resulted in consolidating power in the monarchy of the newly unified Spanish kingdom. Its brutal methods led to widespread death and suffering.

Q: What is Inquisition in Spanish?

A: The flag of Spain. The Spanish Inquisition was an ecclesiastical tribunal run by the Spanish monarchy and established to root out heretics and other individuals who threatened the status of the Roman Catholic Church in Spain.