20 Best Sour Goo Candy in UK 2024 Reviews and Buying Guide

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After tons of hours of researching and comparing all models on the market today, Flash Splash finds out the Best sour goo candy of 2022. Check out our list of 20 products.



Q: What are the dangers of sour candy?

A: Reduce or eliminate consumption of sour candies. Don’t suck or chew sour candies for long periods of time. If you do eat a sour candy,swish your mouth with water,drink milk,or eat cheese afterwards to neutralize the acids. Chew sugar-free gum to produce saliva which protects tooth enamel.

Q: What Candy is really sour?

A: The sweet/sour charm of Altoids Apples are meant to be more like candy while the lemons are meant to be… well, an experience. Although not as brutal as the kick-in-the-teeth power delivered by Warheads or Toxic Waste, Altoids Sour Lemons are a surprisingly strong sour candy.

Q: What are some sour candy names?

A: Citric Acid. Citric acid is commonly found in citrus fruits like limes,lemons,grapefruits. … Ascorbic Acid. Everyone knows ascorbic acid as Vitamin C,something that is found in citrus fruits like oranges. Malic Acid. … Fumaric Acid. … Tartaric Acid. …