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Q: What are the Sburb/Sgrub logo colors?

A: The colors on the left border of the Homestuck story map, denoting “parts” 1, 2, and 3, also seem to represent the Sburb/Sgrub logo colors. This would make Sburb Beta #4be24f, Sgrub Beta #7638e7, and Sburb Alpha #f40c0c .

Q: What does Sburb stand for?

A: The Sburb logo. Sburb is the human name for a sandbox-style game that takes place superimposed over the real world, rather than in a virtual space. The game is known as Sgrub to the trolls. In the game, the server player is able to manipulate the client’s environment in real time in a manner reminiscent of The Sims.

Q: Does Sburb take after human culture?

A: More commonly, however, aspects of the game seem to take after human culture. Structures resemble human architecture and Earth geography, and carapacians have human-exclusive qualities like red blood. It is shown that the game’s language changes depending on its players. The Sburb beta logo, pre-scratch. The Sburb alpha logo, post-scratch.

Q: What does the scratch do in Sburb?

A: The Scratch is a (usually) optional event during Sburb that effectively resets the host universe back to its start. It is initiated when the session’s Scratch Construct (found on the Time player’s planet) with the aid of the quills of echidna; the Space player’s denizen.