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Q: How do you attack a ship in D&D?

A: The basic attack roll is: 1d20 + the pilots Wisdom (vehicles, water) modifier + ship’s crew experience bonus. The total is compared to the target ship’s hull’s Armor Class; if the roll is equal to or greater, the ramming attempt is successful. Otherwise, there is no ship damage.

Q: How do you RAM a ship in DND 5e?

A: It is possible for a Huge or larger swimming creature to make ramming attempts or to be rammed. To ram a ship, the creature must succeed in an attack roll against the ship’s hull Armor Class, adding the creature’s Strength modifier to the roll.

Q: What happens when a ship takes on water in D&D?

A: During naval combat, a ship reduced to 0 hull points is taking on water. Its speed is reduced to 1 mph and it automatically fails all sailing checks. At the end of the ship’s turn each round, the Captain rolls a d20. If the roll is 10 of higher it is a success. Otherwise it is a failure.

Q: What are the requirements to sail a ship in D&D 5e?

A: 2 Must remain in sight of land. 3 Must remain in sight of land or their primary (mother) ship. 4 Suitable for long sea voyages. Nautical Adventures (D&D 5E) 6 Speed: This is the vessel’s speed in miles per hour (mph). For melees, you can convert these speeds to feet per round by multiplying them by 10.