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Q: When did the Sabre-Briquet come into use?

A: This sabre-briquet was not a completely new sword, as it had previously been in use with foreign troops in French service, but was now more widely issued. This 1767 sabre-briquet stayed in service until 1800, when a widespread reorganisation of French military arms was undertaken.

Q: Is the Sabre-Briquet any good as a weapon?

A: However the sabre-briquet’s functionality as practical weapon is questionable. The all-brass hilt, whilst easy to produce and requiring no maintenance in the field or protection from the elements, provides a grip that could be prone to slipping in the hand.

Q: Why did Light Infantry need Sabre-Briquet?

A: Moreover, their role as marksmen meant they were less likely to fire with a bayonet fixed, as this inhibited loading and reduced accuracy. As such, light infantry were thought to need a sidearm that could be quickly brought to hand as a personal defence weapon. However the sabre-briquet’s functionality as practical weapon is questionable.

Q: What is the difference between a fusilier and a sabre?

A: With the disappearance of the épée, this meant that the standard line infantryman – the fusilier – no longer carried a sword. Soldiers of the voltiguer (light) company of line regiments had also carried the sabre-briquet until an order in 1807.